Antique 830 Silver Dutch Hallmarked 5 Charm Brooch pre 1905

Lovely sweet antique hallmarked Dutch charm brooch. The brooch is marked 830 (830 silver) and also hallmarked HH over a sword, it is further hallmarked with a 2 and a key abutting a sword. The sword used is the assay mark for the years 1814 – 1905 – the key abutting the sword means the brooch was made for export. The person I purchased this brooch from suggested it was dated before 1905 and the information I used to date this brooch comes from the website – you will find the information regarding this brooches hallmarks on the Dutch Hallmark page. The brooch is gold colored or plated and features 5 wonderful charms. From left to right they are a flat Dutch girl charm holding buckets, a tall flat Norse ship, a 3D Dutch shoe, a flat windmill charm, and a flat Dutch boy with buckets charm. the bar portions is approximately 2 inches across. The longest charm- the girl dangles down to about 1 & 1/2 inches.

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Posted on May 24, 2011 by: Michelle

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